welcome to my blog

  peace be upon you /  hello every body

I am so pleased that you are here , I don't want you to feel weird or eeriness
I've done my best to learn English and Iam still learning , to get the chance to contact with  you
I speciallized a special section for you , to share you my thoughts and to get your own 
we can swim in each other's world so deep , to know more than we know
to correct our misunerstanding , to recognize to different culture .
so please , read what I wrote for you
don't disappoint me ..let's encourage each other
we won't lose any thing but we are going to gain more friendships and good concept


I am : Samar
it means in Arabic " when family convenes after midnight to talk together"
nice name , isn't it ?

I am 18 years old

I am in the first year at college , Iam studying English literature
I am doing  my best to contact you , you see ? :)

I live in Saudi Arabia

I like writting very much , I am fond of pen 
I have alot of English poems , I am going to put them later to show you and get your opinion
I am a super dreamer , super ambitious .. and I do my best to get what I want

oops , I forgot to tell you
my blog's name is " the sky of the heart "
I chose it because I feel my heart dreams are so high 
and I enjoy when I fly by working hard to get them
it's not fun for dreams to keep themselves only dreams worth nothing
I should bring them to color my life , don't you agree ?

I've made a special section for you
and I wish you to enjoy and have fun with me
all what I want to do is to sharing you my world
so , don't deprive me your axistence in it